Three ways to download PUBG Mobile Global version for people who can’t search for it

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There is no denying that the big fans of survival shooter game genre are being crazy about PUBG Mobile Global version. The game is now accessible on mobile devices powered by Apple and Android. You can download and install it on your own device easily. However, there are still some people using Android phones can’t search for the game, making them think that PUBG Mobile was completely removed from Google Play. These people intend to delete the gold game file and download the new one to restrict the capacity and make sure it won’t exceed the ROM of the device. A ridiculous thing is that some players using Android phones are still able to find PUBG Mobile on Google Play. To overcome this issue, there are three ways given out to help people search for the game easily on the app store!

PUBG Mobile

Three useful methods to download PUBG Mobile Global version when you can’t search for it

Method 1: Click here to direct to the homepage of the game. This is the official homepage of PUBG Mobile Global version. You will see three methods for downloading the game there, including iOS, Android and APK.

Method 2: If you are an Android user and have an intention to play PUBG Mobile global version on your device, you can go to Apkpure to download the game easily. Click here to download it!

Method 3: Samsung users are able to access to Galaxy Apps Store to download PUBG Mobile Global version.

At the moment, Samsung is a partner of Tencent in many game events, including PUBG Mobile. Follow the three methods mentioned above to search for the game easily!

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