PUBG Mobile Zombies Darkest Night Mode is finally available in the newest update 0.12.0. Download and check it out right now for new alterations.

Zombie Darkest Night has just been added to PUBG Mobile via 0.12.0 update. This update brings major changes and contents to the game. You need to explore it right now if you are playing PUBG Mobile and grab this chance to explore all new things, such as the zombie mode, the upgraded of the fighting system for players, together with some other tweaks.

Zombie Darkest Night Mode

You can download PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 for free by following these links”

About Zombie Darkest Night Mode in PUBG Mobile

Players will now spawn on the ground, not from the sky

It’s true to say that the specific thing about PUBG Mobile game is that players land down on the ground using their parachute. But in this new update, no more parachutes! With the Zombie Darkest Night mode, you will now appear on the map at many random places. The map now contains 30-32 people, which depends on the solo match or the team match. 30 minutes is the period of time for every match to last, starting from the movement you appear on the map.

Defensive gameplay at night

Hiding for your survival is one of the most important things you have to do when joining this Zombie Darkest Night Mode. You can only make your way through areas to find weapons and good equipment when it’s still in the daytime, but when night comes, you have to do everything in a very careful way. Try to go search for a secure place to hide, or if you can, battle against the zombies and stop them from attacking you.

The ring will now shrink at a very slow speed

The ring will get smaller at a slower speed in this update, which is totally different from Zombie Survive Till Dawn. For this reason, there is no influence on the fight between players and zombies, or you no need to keep an eye on it a lot like other modes.

12 times is the total number of times that you will be attacked by zombies

The assaults of zombies in this mode will be split into 12 times. For every time, they will come to your current place to attack you. You have to be inside the house that has enough space and it needs to make you feel convenient when you move around it. In addition to this, the zombies can also jump over walls and climb onto the roof. You must stay watchful for them since you can be attacked in various ways.

You don’t have to focus on annihilating other players

In this new PUBG mode, you have to focus on killing the zombies and attempt to stay alive in 30 minutes. If there are a lot of winners, the system will recognize their experience points or the number of zombies they have killed, the time for survival as well as the amount of damage they have inflicted. Also, their points will be counted as well.