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PUBG Mobile PublishedNovember 27, 2020
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Users of must stick with both Terms of Use and Privacy Policy when using the service here. What is the site’s Privacy Policy about?

It is essential for you to comprehend our Privacy Policy. Together with the Terms of Use of, it quotes clearly what you would fully consent to contribute to the website.

Since desires to develop this website to be a healthy and informative source where users can obtain information with joy, we suggest you read through it carefully.

Before getting your account registered, we expect you to have in mind comprehensive idea about:

  • What does the website need your agreement for?
  • How can you manage and acknowledge information the website collects?
  • Why do we need to collect your data?

Only when the Privacy Policy makes sense to you would we guarantee your experience with the website. And, don’t forget the Terms of Use, either!

Why does collect users’ information?

When we collect and organize your data relating to the account, names, phone number, activities on the site, duration, and so on, we are building a database. This database enables us to improve our service, maintain the website, and manage the environment that you join in here.

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Records on your search, duration, download, and gameplay history reflect your interest and engagement with the content here. Besides, we continuously exchange emails about feedback, claims, and requests. That act results in specific solutions to improve the service. Tracking on users on the platform will keep us posted for problems, even tiny faults. No sooner are we notified than we fix it.

Your contribution also helps us obtain more and more users. It affects our advertisement plan, content, and even service development. Besides, we have advertisements to put on the website that will help us to maintain the business.

When looking into your activities, we can both support you and manage the order in the In particular, we are the first to know who is speaking inappropriately, spams, and also traces of illegal operations.

What do we collect?

When people have an account on PUBG, we will collect data relating to the account, such as ID name, email. We also pay attention to your preferences and data relating to your use of service here. When you input personal data such as email, address, password, and images to manage users well.

Your online activity, including PUBG mobile download, reading news about PUBG Mobile, and updating features, are also collected. We use these pieces of data for advertisement and analysis. For your information, they will be very detailed, from single clicks to duration, reaction, and record of time. The more details we get, the more thorough we can develop the content
We are also interested in your social media accounts such as Facebook, emails, etc. Therefore, if the third parties provide us that information, we might use it for the website’s purpose.

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How are information managed?

You can always keep track of what you shared with the site. You’ve got our emails from which you send requests and claims on the service. When you want to know, we are open to show you what you have got.

Who is the exception?

The Privacy Policy is applicable equally for everyone using the service, except children under 13. Besides, we are not interested in sensitive data that has no use in developing the service.

Why do you need to accept our cookies?

Cookies are widely used in free websites since they connect the device and the site excellently. Cookies record data about your device and its access to our website to manage the operation better. In return, your entry happens more smoothly. We suggest you accept cookies from for utilization.

Will your data secure with

We collect data and keep them securely. We promise to make use of them only for the development of the purpose of the website. To do so, we respect measures to keep data safe, including that people who are authorized can access the storage.

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