PUBG Mobile Lite India For Low-End Smartphones Released!

PUBG Mobile Lite India

PUBG Mobile Lite India release date will be officially started by the end of August 2019 or the first week of September 2019. The information has been confirmed by developers of PUBG Mobile Lite and the launch period has been announced on their website. With the presence of Royale Pass Season #3 for PUBG Mobile Lite, the game will be accessible on Google Play Store and you can enjoy without using any VPN service. It has a file size of 491MB. After releasing PUBG Lite for PC, it will be introduced as the big news for those who prefer the mobile platform. Development team determined to kick off a PUBG Mobile Lite for people who desire to experience PUBG Mobile but do not have high-end devices.

Details of PUBG Mobile Lite India

After the PUBG Mobile Lite India Launch Date is revealed, you can check out everything related to that match here.

What is PUBG Mobile Lite?

PUBG Mobile Lite is a title which is built with Unreal Engine 4. It is extremely similar to the way that PUBG Mobile was created in terms of gameplay.

However, PUBG Mobile Lite will contain only 40 players in a single server. Besides, the map will be small (2×2). It is handy for everybody to operate their adventure smoothly on very low-end tools. One can entertain himself with PUBG Mobile Lite even on his 1GB and 2GB RAM phone without a lag. In other words, PUBG Mobile Lite in India is aimed at smartphones with lower grade specifications. It can work on phones with less than 2GB RAM, too. It will include matches of 10 minutes.

PUBG Mobile Lite: System Requirements

There will not be such minimum requirements to discover PUBG Mobile Lite. It can be used on any Android equipment. But, you should choose Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or higher with at least 1 GB of RAM and 500 MB of storage.

Key Features of PUBG Mobile Lite India

Here is the list of top features in PUBG Mobile that you can read before you dig deeper into how to download and play PUBG Mobile Lite in India.

An enhanced aim assist

Obviously, it will help you make aiming simpler and easier when you engage in PUBG Mobile Lite. The intensity is different between standing and crawling positions.

An Enhanced Aim Assist

A new Winner Pass

Winner Pass is as same as PUBG Mobile’s Royale Pass. It will go with much faster achievement unlocks. Additionally, it will prolong for a month with lots of rewards on offer for participants.

A New Winner Pass

Bullet trail adjustment

There is an exciting PUBG Mobile Lite’s feature. In which, you can find some changes for the ammo trail. Indeed, the speed is increased without bullet drop effect to generate a clearer shot.

Bullet Trail Adjustment

Weapon recoil suppression

It will suppress the weapon recoil to a specific amount and you can control your armament better.

Weapon Recoil Suppression

An extended time to slay

Since PUBG Mobile Lite India Release Date has been declared, you will receive another surprise involved in providing a feature that can boost up the time to eliminate somebody. It is useful to improve your survivability.

An Extended Time To Slay

Location display

It is not difficult to master PUBG Mobile Lite because it is given a cool function which will expose the address of a gunner within the mini map’s range.

Location Display

Heal yourself while moving

It’s great to cure your injuries even whilst you are walking. The company said that it is effective in high latency situations.

Heal Yourself While Moving

Map quality optimization

Tencent Games has already advanced its product with a PUBG Mobile Lite update revolved around expanding the building density and loot frequency.

Map Quality Optimization

Modified graphics

You can load all in PUBG Mobile Lite quicker. PUBG Mobile Lite has a drop of graphics compared to PUBG Mobile. It will fit low-end and entry-level gear more. But, it does not influence gameplay.

Modified Graphics

PUBG Mobile Lite: Firearms

PUBG Mobile Lite: Firearms

With the existence in India, PUBG Mobile Lite update for the weapons, vehicles, and other stuff is also mentioned. It is a version where you can see several enhancements:

  • Upgraded the cap on the number of survivors in each round, from 40 to 60
  • Added an RPG-7 rocket launcher
  • Added Buggy