Download PUBG Mobile game and dive into the new Beta v0.12.0 released a companion pet, a better quick chat, another Zombie mode, and more noticeable features!

Overview of PUBG Mobile Beta v0.12.0

“PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS goes mobile”! PUBG Mobile is regarded as a Battle Royale game, which is playable on Android & iOS devices. Like the original, you will have to fight against multiple enemies and survive until the end of the match if you want to become the winner.

After launch, PUBG Mobile game’s developers received many reasonable requests to upgrade the player’s gaming experience and make PUBG Mobile run smoothly. We have already come to the version 0.11.5 with plenty of changes and additions, for instance, G36C rifle, Tukshai vehicle, and dynamic weather system, etc. (appeared with a stable branch with the Royale Pass Season 6 later). However, the development team really worked harder to bring back another better release to everybody who loves PUBG Mobile. Currently, Tencent kicked off a cool update on the Beta channel. PUBG Mobile Beta v0.12.0 will introduce a new companion “pet” system, a “Darkest Night” Zombie mode, improvements to the “Survive Till Dawn” Zombie mode like the RPG weapon, liquid nitrogen grenade, jungle-style double magazines, other corpses, for example, dogs, and so on.

A few outlines of PUBG Mobile Beta v0.12.0

PUBG Mobile game will get numerous real changelog.

Features: MugenSpace / Infinity

  • It will take the place of the Event mode
  • Survive Till Dawn will be set under Expansions
  • More modes will be visible in the future

Infinity Mode: Darkest Night

  • Keep living for one night whilst defending against the undead
  • Teams in PUBG Mobile will conquer the victory if they are still breathing.

Feature: Companion System

  • It’s possible to take an animal into PUBG Mobile game! Besides, you will be given more Companion EXP and you can level them up to unbolt emotes.
  • The foes cannot see them.

Survive Till Dawn enhancements

  • Stun Grenades can cause zombies unable to think or feel everything correctly.
  • Meanwhile, Liquid Nitrogen Grenades will slow down monsters significantly.
  • Do not forget to prepare for encounters with jumping zombies and zombie dogs!
  • Some of them can climb over low walls in PUBG Mobile game or onto the roof.
  • Have RPG-7 and Jungle Style Magazines
  • Flamethrowers will create more damage.
  • M134 handling is reset.
  • Zombies will walk slower after they are shot.

Bug Fixes

  • It is the last section in the plan of the Beta for PUBG Mobile game.
  • Fixed an issue that the hair would not be shown properly when the player wore some headgear
  • Removed the bug in which doors could not be seen rightly
  • Solved where you or other persons could be stuck inside buildings in certain zones


It is an important piece of the PUBG Mobile Beta v0.12.0. It offers several necessary differences from the previous update. Also, it will present with more details related to a couple of items above.


The Companion system is considered the primary element of PUBG Mobile Beta v0.12.0. Companions will be pets that can cooperate together with you in the battle. But, only the Eagle/Kite will be unlocked in PUBG Mobile. The partner that owns levels up to 7 will require 10,000 EXP in each stage to improve and open more animations. The XP mechanics of them could not be found. Fortunately, it is a Beta. So, there was a food crate option for unchallenging leveling up.

A companion in PUBG Mobile game can fly away if you are prone. Because he will not be discerned by other people, he cannot influence on the gameplay.

Emotes or animations in PUBG Mobile can contain bugs. Nevertheless, it might be ascribed to the Beta nature of the feature. You can switch off the association by discarding it when a bird sits on your shoulder and distracts you while you are using AK47 bullets.

Players hope that there will be more companions in PUBG Mobile game, with other species working as skins.

Zombie mode changes

The initial Resident Evil: Survive Till Dawn has more advancement of weapons and characters. There is a rocket launcher in the form of RPG-7. The firearm seems to be overwhelmed in damage. But, it is recompensed with a short-med range and revealed with 6 rockets and iron sights. However, since RPG-7 is limited in Zombie modes, it will not have any effect on the Standard ones.

PUBG Mobile game has more weapons comprising an explosive crossbow that can throw arrows exploding on impact, with a liquid nitro mine which can be thrown to decrease the enemy’s speed within a specific range and a jungle mag attachment. In which, the final equipment is similar to a double extended magazine that can load in 60 bullets instead of the classic 30 one. It can be equipped with the ARs but not with DMRs or S12K. It will be only originated in elite zombie drops.

In PUBG Mobile, the Darkest Night/ Survive mode until the rescue comes will not be locked when you eliminate lots of zombies in the other zombie mode and hit Level 5. Actually, it will deliver you to a strange place on the Erangel map before you are forced to protect your body from aggressive competitors and the walking dead. You should stay in the building at night because your health will be reduced when you interact with the toxic gas outside.

Other Changes

Play PUBG Mobile game you can customize the Red Dot, the Holo Sight, 2X and 3X zoom reticles with colors and shapes. Moreover, you can check supplementary options for zoom levels when it is steady. You can apply more skins to the Hip-fire crosshair.

In PUBG Mobile game, it’s easy for you to track down buddies from the lobby. You can turn it off if you want. In case you are following your rivals after you die, you can send them friend requests.

The lobby’s image will feature in the inventory panel, which suggests more lobby themes/images are added as a slice of extra and purchasable crate content.

The Quick Chat board of PUBG Mobile game is witnessing a remake that both, achieves it faster to issue commands, and conceal an active part of the display. The Portable Closet is being reworked, too.

If you unlatch a door or more, the animation will utilize your hands to push it open.

Download PUBG Mobile Beta v0.12.0

It’s accessible for the newest Beta of PUBG Mobile game for mobile platforms!

The Beta version can be completed with the stable release. Because it is a beta, bugs and troubles can happen. You can report them with the button in the top-right during the match, or clicking the ^ key in the bottom-right corner of the Main Menu before picking Report. If you are giving more detailed feedback, you can engage in the survey. If you fill up, you will have 2,500BP and a Premium Create coupon.

At the moment, the stable version of PUBG Mobile has not been finished. Not all information about the Beta will be moved to the following Stable. But, they are eventually put together. Remember to catch up with the latest news!