PUBG Mobile for iPhone is totally free to download. Get PUBG Mobile on your phone now then jump into brutal clashes with multiple other gamers!

Here comes the mobile version that you have been waiting for – PUBG for iPhone! Aside from playing PUBG Mobile on Android devices, now the iOS users can totally get access to the game on their iPhones or any iOS devices. There is no need to introduce more about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) because it’s such a well-known battle royale multiplayer shooting survival game driving worldwide gamers crazy. PUBG has finally come to the Windows PC, Xbox, and PS4 platforms, but now, it’s increasing its fame when debuting on Mobile platform, especially on iOS devices.

About PUBG Mobile iPhone 0.11.0

If playing PUBG PC is not addictive enough for you, then why don’t you try PUBG Mobile? PUBG for iPhone can be totally downloaded for free from the App Store, bringing you a capability to play cross-platform from your iPhone. Below here are all great features contained in PUBG Mobile and you will experience them all when playing the game on your phone:

  • Port of the PC version
  • 100 players joining the same lobby at the same time.
  • A huge battleground with an area of 64 square kilometers.
  • Stunning graphics, awesome audio in HD, 3D effects, and 7.1 sound.
  • Realistic shots as well as a variety of weapons with real ballistic behavior.
  • Players can try and drive discrepant vehicles.
  • A nice chat system allowing you to communicate and talk with other players. The chat system will help you build teams and work with your allies easily.

PUBG Mobile for iPhone brings you exactly the same elements as the original PUBG game that you probably have experienced, excluding for the fact you are now able to play anytime anywhere you want: online all-vs-all multiplayer matches, large maps to flight on, numerous vehicles to be driven and plenty of weapons to be utilized.

You probably find it harder and somewhat uncomfortable to play the game on your iPhone than with a normal gamepad, even though you can utilize similar strategies and tricks on your PC or Xbox. It will be a nice idea if you decide to get hold of a control pad that is compatible with iOS. If you don’t want to get it, you probably won’t have more advantages than other players.

You have to make sure that your iPhone has at least iOS 9 installed for playing PUBG Mobile. However, these requirements may become more demanding in the forthcoming time.

Requirements and extra information

Minimum iOS version: iOS 9.0.

Compatible with:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch

Provides in-app purchases.