PUBG Mobile Frost Festival has been released at the end of this year. This update promises to fulfill your most meaningful winter!

PUBG Mobile Frost Festival 2020 is currently launching Frost Erangel and multiple events mode. After the Metro Royale mode on the Erangel map, PUBG Mobile continues to launch the Frost Festival event mode on this map.

This legendary map is always the map for the events in this game with the event tile for players to choose whether to activate the event map or not. This year’s ice festival also takes place on the game’s oldest Erangel map.

The Frost Festival has a limited time that may close later this month when the Christmas Festival ends. Before the end, let’s join these events and collect all the exciting rewards.

PUBG Mobile Frost Festival has introduced some Christmas-related the game graphics

First, when entering the game, players will receive a Christmas style lobby background. Thanks to that, you can feel the Christmas time not only in the game but also in the lobby. With the decoration as a cozy winter room, with lights, musics and Christmas tree.

Lobby interface
Lobby interface

In order to participate in Frost Erangel mode, open the mode selection at the left corner. There is a small box in Erangel’s options. You check the box in yellow to activate the Frost Erangel map. If you choose the game mode successfully, the background image is also changed to a snow Erangel map.

For the venue to enter the game, you will see several snow locations on the mini map. There are several snowy mountains and Ice Castle. You can use snowboards to navigate the ice castle or slow down.

Skatting on snow
Skatting on snow

Furthermore, these places have a lot of good stuff and are also very rare in a few loot boxes. As a result, these snowy mountains and ice castles are often high risk locations with around 3 to 4 landing teams.

Besides, the new game mode features new snow-throwing objects that act like snowballs. When you throw a snowman ball, it immediately creates a statue of a snowman on the ground as a backup. But you can select these snowballs and snowball balls only in snowy locations.

In addition, the Christmas bungalows appeared scattered all over the map. But more specifically, in front of each house, there will be Christmas trees and if decorated them, players will receive special gifts.

PUBG Mobile Frost Festival holds many interesting events that everyone can participate in

In addition to the new Frost Erangel map, PUBG Mobile Frost Festival 2020 also introduces many fun and effective limited-time events with lots of rewards. By completing simple daily tasks, you can get many rewards, such as AG coins, classic coupon crates, BP coins, etc.

Holiday time

The event runs from December 18, 2020 to January 1, 2021. During the event period, you must collect as many Winter Coins from the Holiday Market as possible to redeem items. in the Event Shop.

Holiday Decoration event in PUBG Mobile
Holiday Decoration event in PUBG Mobile

The market stalls and shops will continuously produce these coins while you are offline. To reduce coin production time, you can do daily quests and get ingredients to upgrade those winter stores in the market.

Your savings are displayed in the top right corner of the screen. You can then use those coins to shop in the Events Shop in the bottom right corner. You can use winter coins to buy Snow Fashionista sets in the shop and many other items.

All in all, if going to the streets to play on a crowded Christmas night makes you feel uncomfortable, then sitting at home playing PUBG is a very reasonable choice. Call your friends and explore this festival now!