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PUBG Mobile PublishedNovember 27, 2020
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What do users must follow when visiting PUBG-mobile.net? And return, what can you get from us? Here are terms of use applied for all readers in the website.

PUBG-mobile.net is eager to bring readers a healthy environment where you can get updated information and experience the latest features of PUBG Mobile. We are trying hard to maintain the Website informatively, and we need readers to be our companion or, at least, civil readers when visiting the site.

Therefore, we composed terms of use which we ask you to practice strictly accordingly. The more you cooperate, the better the Website will become.

You need to read through all terms below, and we strongly recommend you to do so because knowing what you are getting into may save you from the troubles of violating your will.

Why do we need terms of use?

Terms of Use circle benefits and responsibilities of readers when they come and use services and products from pubg-mobile.net. Terms apply evenly to all readers and no exception.

They are to protect the site from illegal and uncivil actions. Besides, it prevents violations of user’s privacy when they hardly agree.

How are terms of use applied in pubg-mobile.net?

Terms of Use will be applied immediately when you access any services belonging to the site, including reading articles about PUBG Mobile.

The site will ask you to agree with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use when you open the very first window in the property of PUBG-mobile.net. However, we invite you to read it carefully before clicking to agree as since you decided, there is no turning back.

You can read the whole article below or click on hyperlinks to other pages. We hope you find surfing experience here a pleasure.

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What are terms of use?

Privacy Policy

Agreement with the Privacy Policy of the site is the first and foremost thing to do. The policy relates to what information that website developers can collect from users. Before registering, make sure that you are agree with PUBG Mobile Privacy Policy.


International copyright laws will defend all content that you are accessing based on pubg-mobile.net. It authentically and uniquely belongs to the Website, including texts, logos, and more. However, visual content relating to the game is not our productions.

Communications between the website and readers

We welcome your feedback or contributions through emails. It’s two-way communication. You should be aware that when you access our service, you consent to receive emails from us.

User’s responsibilities

You need to know what you cannot do with this Website. Here are some rules that we want you to stick with:

  • Conduct no illegal activities or plan to do so
  • Show no accomplice to unlawful activities and inform us to stop such operation from happening on the Website
  • Use no languages implying threats or promoting disuniting
  • Do no changes to the content or service of the Website
  • Use the content as the way it’s introduced for
  • Access to the Website with an internet connection which you have to prepare yourself as the Website is only seen from the Internet
  • Manage your data, accounts, and related confidential information. Except for data we collect according to Privacy Policy, we will utilize it.

User’s benefits

Content developers of PUBG-mobile.net are trying hard to bring you a good website. However, to run the free service, we also put an advertisement on the Website that we don’t manage the content. As well as, we might put on other ads within the games.

You can receive from us not just to download PUBG Mobile Android and PUBG Mobile iOS consisting of the latest update features and seasons. Furthermore, you are welcomed to:

  • Contact and send feedback about the services on the Website anytime you want, unlimited in numbers
  • Report inappropriate advertisements
  • Access to news and tips relating to the games
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